Prayer Cell Wing

Most Christians who attempt to pray will say they are bad at it; almost no one claims to be good at praying.

The disciples themselves were hardly confident in their communication with God, and asked Jesus to teach them to pray. Luke 11:1

Like the disciples let us ask Jesus to teach us to pray. "Lord grant your grace and teach us to pray with proper words, give us wisdom to pray, may your Spirit guide us."

Prayer is a conversation with God in which the individual addresses Him directly. Prayer is an opportunity to spend time with God. More importantly, prayer leads us to an intimate and personal relationship with God, in which the individual talks to Him as a loving Father. Often we think God is too far, but we should understand that prayer brings God closer to us and we will experience God is not too far.

He delights in our fellowship; He always draws closer to us when we pray. The more we pray, the more we communicate, the closer we walk with Jesus Christ, the stronger we will become with the Spirit's power.

"Jesus went out into a mountain to pray, and continue all night in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12

He spent the whole night in prayer. He prayed for wisdom to select the disciples, the group included even the man who was to betray Him; He was alone with God, He went into a mountain to pray privately. He prayed the whole night without any disturbance or interruption. He continued a whole night in meditation and secret time of prayer.

"Jesus' prayer teaches us to spend time with God alone and for longer hours" - Spend time with God alone and in Secret.

Divya Shanthi Church is a praying community Church: We trust, believe and we have experienced and in faith we say our God is a prayer' hearing and prayer' answering God.

Under the leadership of our then Presbyter-in-Charge and now Bishop Rev. Prasanna Kumar Samuel the Prayer Cell was started in the year 2013. Every Sunday morning the members drop their prayer request slips in the "PRAYER REQUEST BOX"

After the service, Mr. George Thomas, Coordinator Prayer Cell and eight to ten committed prayer warriors join for the prayer.

We find various needs from the members of the Church; every individual's prayer request is prayed with concern and with commitment. The prayers are answered instantly, and at prolonged times. These days instead of dropping the prayer requests in the prayer box, some members directly meet the prayer Cell members, spend time in sharing their need and personally request the prayer cell members to pray for them.

We, the members of Divya Shanthi Church, thank the Church for the concern it has upon the members. We thank every member of the Prayer Cell group for their concern and thank them for giving their precious time for Prayer Cell after the Church service.
May the Saviour God bless every member of the prayer cell.

We as a Church wanted to thank our Bishop for staring this prayer cell group and also thank Rev. Christopher Samuel for all his commitment and support for the Prayer Cell.

Prayerfully submitted
Mr. George Thomas Diocesan Lay Preacher & Rev. Isaac Manohar Edwin.